Automatic IC Programming Machine KA2000-GS2

Automatic IC Programming Machine KA2000-GS2

When our manual ic programming is not enough, we may need an efficient and reliable automated system. KA2000 is a tape in and out, tray in and out, optional ink and laser for marking, and with the upper and lower CCD vision alignment system to meet the most stringent programming requirements. KA2000 can support up to 32 sockets, with an output of up to 2000 pieces

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Product Features:

  • High compatibility ;High efficiency;
  • Simple and convenient software operation;
  • Tape and tray integrated, can be personalized matching function configuration.
  • Feed a tray, NG a tray, automatic feed tray.
  • Support 32 IC burning stations.
  • It also supports bounce sockets.
  • Upper and lower CCD visual alignment, optional dot function, AOI detection, altimeter


Technical Parameters:

Output Efficiency 2000-2500UPH

Host Dimension

1250*900*1710mm(Length, width,height)

Host + Monitor Dimension

1750*900*1710mm(Length, width,height)

The Whole Machine Dimension

1750*1850*1710mm(Length, width,height,Host + Tray +tape+ monitor)

Support IC Package


Pick & Place Device

Vacuum nozzle*2

Programming Station




Control Method

Embedded control panel

Pick & place Accuracy


Control Method


IC position system


Programming Method

Down-press type IC socket

Tray in and out

Automatic tray feeding device, up to 20 trays

Tape Input

 Standard 12-16mm optional 8-32mm feeder

Tape output

Adjustable hot pressing automatic film sealing device

Input Voltage




Air Source


Total Weight



Transmission control system

① Equipped with imported servo and grinding grade lead screw for X-Y-Z axis transmission, making the operation stable, accurate and fast;

② Rotating 2 suction pens close to the structure of the mounter, which is the key structure in terms of efficiency;

③Running accuracy ±0.03mm;

visual system

①Equipped with a high-precision digital camera to correct the alignment of each IC pick-and-place to avoid secondary damage to the chip pins;...

②Optionally configure the detection camera to identify the coplanarity error of the IC pins.

Feeding and discharging device system

①Fully automatic tray feeding (20 trays of IC can be fed at one time);

②Automatic tape feeding (Standard 12-16mm, optional 8-32mm、4-44mm feeder);

③Trays can be arbitrarily selected for discharging (20 trays can be produced at one time) and tapes;

④Standard refilling tray (can ensure that the OK material is fully discharged);

⑤Standard NG trays (discharged individually in sequence, compared to stacked NG tanks/cups, to avoid the possibility of secondary damage to pins)

Programming system



③1-32 programming channels can be started, and large-capacity programming files are supported;

④The plug-in programming socket is convenient and simple, and different programming sockets can be inserted in advance according to the needs, which is flexible and saves time for changing the programming socket;


① OK discharge can be marked with solid dots;

② OK output can be marked with letters/numbers;

IC and Packages

Supports: MCU, eMMC, NOR Flash and other device memories on the market