Automatic Tray Programming Machine KR42-1200

Automatic Tray Programming Machine KR42-1200

This is an IC automatic burning machine that supports IC incoming packaging as a tray, realizes the tray in and out of the tray, and automatically packs after the burning is completed, and automatically distinguishes between OK and NG.

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Product Features:

  • Small size, high efficiency and easy operation;
  • Simple and convenient software operation;
  • For standard tray packaging;
  • With four programming stations;
  • Support down-press type ic socket;


Technical Parameters:

Output Efficiency


Host Dimension

680*550*1400mm(Length, width,height)

Support IC Package


Pick & Place Device

Vacuum nozzle*2

Programming Station




Pick & place Accuracy


Control Method

Embedded control board

Programming Method

Down-press type IC socket



Input Voltage




Air Source


Total Weight



 X-Z, Y axis manipulator, double nozzles:

Instead of manually picking and placing a single IC;

One-take-and-place suction pen design;

 Signal communication connection:

Support offline burner (subject to the actual function!);

When the programming is completed, the OK and NG ICs are automatically distinguished and placed in the corresponding position coordinates that have been set;

◆ Feeding and discharge packaging support:

Support tray in and tray out;


◆ Burning station:

Can customize 1-4 burning stations to start;

Replace the corresponding programming socket for different packages;

The programming sockets of different packages can be pre-installed according to the needs, which is more convenient to use;

 UPH output:

The burning completion time of burning files is within 5 seconds, and the efficiency is 1000-1100 pieces/hour;

With reference to a general mcu, the efficiency is about 2000 pieces/hour;

If the burning time is greater than 8 seconds, the efficiency will be


◆ Data and formula:

Customizable programming OK and feed quantity, NG continuous alarm limit quantity, automatic recording of other production quantities;

The programming formula can be customized to facilitate the replacement of different content programming;

 Authority and operation:

Can be second-level authorization, standardized management;

LCD touch operation, convenient and simple;


Host size: 680*550*1400mm

Input voltage: AC220V/50Hz

Power: 0.25KW;

Air source: 0.4-0.6MPa

Total amount: 130KG