The universal ic programming machine

The universal ic programming machine

08 Nov

The universal ic programming machine:

The universal ic programming machine is equipped with an universal ic burner, which can support a variety of chip types and meet the needs of customers with various types of chips.

It is suitable for programming all tray-packed chips and all tape-packed chips. The supported chip packages include QFP/QFN/SOP/BGA, etc.

The X-axis of the machine is equipped with a screw with higher precision, and the dotting function is optional to meet customer needs. The fully automatic chip programming equipment has high efficiency, and the software operation is simple and convenient. Tray & tape integrated burner supports mutual conversion between tray and tape, tray in, tray out; tray in, tape out; tape in, tape out; tape in, tray out.
It can start 1-48 programming channels and support large-capacity programming files; the plug-in programming socket is convenient and simple, and different programming sockets can be inserted in advance according to the needs, which is flexible and saves time for changing the programming socket; the configuration is high Precise digital camera, correcting each IC pick and place to avoid secondary damage to chip pins, universal (support SPI/FLASH/EPROM/EEPROM/MCU/MPU/EMMC/PLCC.