Automatic IC Packaging Machine

Automatic IC Packaging Machine

13 Nov

Automatic IC Packaging Machine:

The ic packaging conversion machine is mainly used for the conversion of chip packaging. Our machines support tube-to-tape, tape-to-tray, and tray-to-tape. The machine is equipped with a CCD visual detection system, which is more stable, safer, more accurate and easy to operate.

The number of full trays can be set, and the carrier tape can be automatically cut when the full tray is full; the length of the empty material before and after the carrier tape can be set, which is convenient for the placement machine;

The length of the carrier tape and the film can be set; the remaining length of the carrier tape and the film can be automatically calculated based on the full plate, and the material will be automatically alarmed and suspended if the material is not enough; one-button automatic start-up operation;