Automated IC Programming System video

Tape and tray integrated programmer machine KA2000

Tray and tape integration,can be peraonalized optional function configuration
One tray for feeding,one tray for NG,automatic feeding tray
Eight burning stations
Upper and lower CCD visual alignment,optional dot function
Support ic package:QFP/QFN/SOP/BGA
Output efficiency:2000UPH

Automated  IC Programming Machine 
Output effectiveness:2000UP
Support IC package:BGA/QFP/QFN/SOP
High compatibility and high efficiency
Simple and convenient software operation

Automatic tray programmer machine KR82-1800H

For standard pallet packaging
With eight programming stations
press down type programming socket
Double nazzle,OK Tray,NG tray
Support ic package:QFP/QFN/SOP/BGA
Output efficiency:1800UPH

Automated  Tape IC Programming Machine K42-2000
Output effectiveness:2000UP
For tape and reel ic packaging
Electric feed feeder
Simple and convenient software operation

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Founded in June 2002, Shenzhen Jinchuangtu Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, which has idyllic scenery and developed economy. Since the inception, our company has constantly operated and developed in the industry of electronic equipment automation,Automatic IC Programming Machine, and specialized in R&D, design, production and marketing of automation equipment.

 Currently, we have formed considerable enterprise scale, product advantages and brand position. Our company has CNC engraving and milling machines, laser engraving machine, cutting machines and other kinds of automation equipment, as well as reliable quality assurance system, inspection equipment and business philosophy, with users spreading over more than twenty provinces and cities all over China. Our products have been sold to U.S., Europe, Southeast Asia, South America, Middle East, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and other countries and regions.

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We not only provide dedicated solutions for engineering development but also offer high-efficiency IC programming equipment.

Automated IC programming 

Support different IC types.Support different packages,High Throughput, up to 2,200UPH.Support variety input / output: Tube, Tray and Tape input / output are all acceptable 

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